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The first ever campaign filmed out of an iPhone

The onset of the 21st century has brought along the “horizontal to vertical” phenomenon. Consumers now spend 80% of their time on third screens, which are comprised of iPhones, tablets, etc.

To speak the millennial language is to communicate with them through the content, and format, they consume. That’s why we set out to spread the word about a new concept of a reality TV series, #MTVSwipeDate through a campaign produced with an iPhone. This daring endeavour became MTV’s first-ever campaign filmed on an iPhone, coping with the industry’s shift from highly produced (and budget-heavy) commercials, to swift, daring, and genuine small-screen social content that actually connected and resonated with the millennial consumer.

The Goal

We wanted to Raise brand awareness and educate consumers on this new reality series concept: a dating show based on the way millennials find love, which is mainly through dating apps. We wanted to replicate the experience of swiping through dating profiles to find your perfect match so the audience had a totally immersive experience that resonated with them on a personal level.

The Obstacle

The shift from Quality vs. Quantity to Authenticity vs. Production Quality. The key was to shift priorities: we didn’t want to make an obviously branded campaign, we had to make organic content that felt like a real conversation between the brand and the audience. This wasn’t just another show, this was a whole new entertainment experience that was also very relatable to our target consumers. The show as a totally original production, and people didn’t know what to expect, so it was very important to create a bond with them through social platforms. Selfie videos of the hosts sending video selfies, sharing experiences, and reading content helped create a strong rapport with the audience prior to the show’s launch.

The SOlution & Results

Not your typical T.V. show promotional tune-in. We totally drifted from your typical advertising campaign by switching from branded one sided messages, to organic conversation starters. The audiences weren’t watching an ad, they were getting to know people and they wanted to know them more.

Our final metrics resulted in:


Million people reached


Million impressions


Million video views


Million interactions

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