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Orbital Strategy.
Our Collaborative Planning Model.


has changed the world.

We can all express ourselves today to a mass audience with no need for intermediaries.

Technology has given people the possibility of transforming their reality and making an impact through communication.

Passive audiences (targets) no longer exist. We have become actors with new rights, new expectations, and a level of empowerment never seen before.

People influence people

A simple post on a social network can tarnish a corporation's image.

That's why in our hyper-connected world

corporations have more opportunities to succeed but also more opportunities to fail.

A new strategic model is needed. One that considers the impact these newly empowered actors can have on organizations through their multiple channels of influence.
Our Orbital Strategy understands that in today's world the only way to be effective is to align our interests with those of others by unveiling a common interest.

A common interest acts as a powerful gravitational force

that attracts all actors reorganizing them like orbiting satellites.

It's a real advocacy generator
awakening a shared passion among all actors, who align with one another to support and promote it.

To align an organization's interest with that common interest,

we first help it define its purpose, which will tell the world who it really is and create the kind of genuine connection it needs.

By connecting to its purpose, an organization can open paths of collaboration with others

and build engagement, the key to achieving transformative results in today's world.

Collaboration, centered on a common interest, together with velocity, transparency, and social conscience,

are the forces that drive today's world.

Harnessing these 4 forces, we embark on a strategic collaborative process with organizations

to discover their role, leverage their potential for change and make a profound impact in the challenges they confront in today's world.

Ignite Transformation.

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