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Tanqueray No.TEN

We created an immersive sensory experience with Tanqueray No.TEN

Tanqueray No.TEN developed an immersive sensory experience to promote its unmistakable flavor and invited a select group of tastemakers and influencers to discover it with all five senses, through two technologies:

1. Head vs Heart. We measured brain wave reactions to certain stimuli to determine which gin and tonic  best suited the guests’ tastes.

2. Holophonic recording. We explained in a stimulating way which senses are activated when we remember a moment in our lives, depriving the participants of the sense of sight.

Thanks to the communication strategy, the partnership with AD magazine and interior designer Patricia Bustos, as well as to the guest selection, we tripled the KPIs established in the briefing.

In addition, we received the Eventoplus award in "Best impact event on networks and media" category.

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