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In 2012, LAN and TAM Airlines - two aviation leaders of Latin America - merged to create LATAM Airlines Group. The company faced challenging years ahead that are expected with the fusion of two very large companies with very distinct corporate cultures and communications strategies. 

Newlink was hired to assist the region’s largest airline group with the development of strategic guidelines and alignment for effective global communications, assuring a collaborative network between teams around the world.


  • Position LATAM Airlines as one of the largest airline groups in the world and the leading airline of the region, enhancing the brand recognition and reputation for the new single brand as the company went through the final stages of the merger.
  • Highlight the airlines’ key differentiators: destination network, modern fleet, technology, innovation, entertainment, a food & beverage selection to showcase the best of Latin America, travel experience, social responsibility and environmental management.
  • Elevate the exposure of regional key spokespersons, positioning them as thought leaders in the industry.


  • Existing/Potential clients
  • Stockholders
  • Industry partners
  • Media


  • Merger’s cultural, operational and regulatory changes and challenges that must be effectively communicated with all stakeholders
  • Seamlessly and strategically align nine different markets including: Australia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Mexico, Spain, France, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom.
  • Tackling constant Issues related to aviation operation: tarmac delays, union strikes, cargo spills, illegal substances on luggage and more.
  • Economic challenges in Brazil that affected revenue projections.


LATAM Airlines Group S.A. is the result of the association of LAN and TAM, their affiliates and Cargo companies, creating one of the largest airline groups in the world in terms of network connections, with a fleet of more than 300 aircraft and approximately 53,000 employees.

The merger of LAN and TAM in 2012 generated the need to carefully communicate to various audiences the changes and benefits of this new integration. while maintaining both airlines’ clients during the company’s loyalty programs evolution and incorporation to OneWorld Alliance.

The impact of this union and the uncertainty about the future of both airlines was a topic that needed to be addressed.


To achieve the set objectives and generate the positioning desired for this new aviation leader, Newlink has worked closely with the Corporate Communications team since 2013 to deliver effective communication tools across nine markets. Our comprehensive collaborative consulting program has included the following elements:

  • Strategic planning through our proprietary methodology: Orbital Strategy
  • Key Message development
  • Media Relations
  • Contingency Manual development
  • Spokesperson Media Training
  • Emergency training
  • Contingency / Issues Management support
  • Content development
  • Thought Leadership
  • Press Trip planning and execution
  • Press Conferences
  • Industry Relations
  • Daily News Monitoring
  • Marketing & Partnership support

Just as the airline has integrated networks, process, procedures and offerings, Newlink has mirrored this integration on the communication side, aligning nine markets to deliver one cohesive message.

Newlink has secured for the airline continuous coverage in main Business, Aviation, Trade and consumer publications in our 9 markets.

In 2016 only, Newlink generated a Public Relations value of over 155 million USD in coverage and more than 4 billion impressions globally.

Beyond the brand launch and positioning and the coordination of a seamless, integrated communications effort, Newlink has supported LATAM Airlines to strengthen relationships with industry members and the collaboration with the diplomatic community representing their main markets.


The team

Newlink Tourism Practice team based in Miami, Florida serves as the hub of LATAM’s global communications efforts, overseeing and aligning activities across nine markets. Within each market, there are additional team members who support local execution and report directly to the hub, creating a collaborative network between the client and the local agency in each market.

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Newlink has supported LATAM Airlines Group with the integration process and the development of effective communication tools across different markets. We have a partner who supports us with the elaboration and implementation of global strategies. Daniela Riutort, Senior ManageCommunications r – Director of Corporate Affairs LATAM Airlines Group

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