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Our Founder & CEO, Sergio Roitberg, discusses the importance of transparency in Trump's political career.



FOX "X Files"

Paranormal results!

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In this hyper-connected world we’re no longer passive. We all play an active role and the only way to achieve our objectives is to reveal a common interest that can open the path to collaboration.

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Uber and Natural Selection

Evolution by natural selection. That's how it works with species. The question is: is it the same with companies?


Newlink Summer Internship Program 2016

Newlink has opened its doors to 15 young people who are embracing our unique brand of collaborative consulting.


Virtual reality:

the new face of marketing campaigns

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Find the right program for you.

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Ignite transformation

Delivering results through thinking that harnesses the power of change.

Press Release

Driving Momentum

Newlink Names Cynthia McFarlane as Chief Strategy Officer & Managing Partner.

Press Release

New Client

Amadeus, the leading technology provider for the global travel industry, appoints Newlink.

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