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Three conditions for purpose driven business transformation

Readiness is only the beginning. The 21st century hyper-connectivity implies that our world is in an ongoing cycle of transformation, and it should be.

We live in continuous social turmoil and growing economic and political challenges. The only thing that we can be certain of is change itself.  We cannot avoid it, but we can engage in it and define our intentions, choosing to be purpose-driven instead of reactive.

Nowadays, organizations are required to engage with today’s well-informed and action-driven society. The challenges and opportunities are different than what they were a decade ago, five years ago and, even, last year. Adapting to change as opposed to proactively planning for change could significantly change the outcomes. It is up to each organization to determine their level of involvement in creating new realities.

At Newlink, we perceive it as an opportunity to be part of a bigger endeavor and collaborate to solve business and social concerns collectively. It is an opportunity to create new realities, find new possibilities, and lead a controlled-disruptive transformation. Newlink’s Business Transformation approach is based on creating an amazing journey to mobilize our client organizations toward extraordinary outcomes. We strategize and execute considering the three fundamental organizational conditions needed for a purpose-driven transformation: readiness, alignment and acceleration.

Readiness entails going beyond preparedness and being ready to rock-n-roll at any given time. Organizations should be ready to innovate and think the unthinkable in order to deal with new and unsuspected conditions. We assess the organization in order to enhance its capacity to collaborate and succeed, perform effectively in multidimensional conditions and stay consistent with the purpose and the strategic outcomes of the business. The readiness level determines how much transformation the organization can realistically embrace, while still ensuring sustainability and business impact.

Alignment is a condition usually taken for granted, although, very difficult to attain. To achieve alignment the organization has to master transcendent conversations, reliable commitments and bullet-proof ownership of outcomes. Leadership alignment, when accomplished, becomes the pillar of productivity, strategy execution and, ultimately, profitability. Cultural alignment becomes the organizational foundation by demonstrating the values and behaviors that drive performance toward achieving the expected outcomes. Therefore, organizational alignment encompasses the connection between strategy, leadership, culture and human capital. No alignment? No meaningful outcomes.

Acceleration implies prompt response for impactful outcomes.  Newlink seeks to accelerate results and performance, ultimately increasing productivity and efficiency. While travelling the acceleration path, the intention is not to simply hit the fast forward button, but to achieve operational excellence through the continuous improvement of processes, talent and resources in alignment to the strategy. Acceleration allows us to deliver results, in the short, medium, and long term, at the pace the organization can embrace Whether your organization feels the need to adapt to evolving circumstances, change in order to be proactive about the new business environment, or innovate to be an active member of reshaping of reality, Newlink Business Transformation is here to add direction to your purpose.

Newlink Business Transformation, evolve with purpose.

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