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What does this evolution mean to me? / ¿Qué significa la evolución para mí?



Based on the 3 focus areas for our 2014 evolution, here we share examples of how these will be reflected on our day to day. We invite you to share your own perceptions in this blog, and commit ourselves to the evolution.

Según las 3 áreas de enfoque de nuestra evolución del 2014, compartimos ejemplos de cómo se reflejarían estos comportamientos en nuestro día a día. Los invitamos a compartir sus percepciones en este blog y comprometernos mutuamente a la evolución.

Business Awareness (Mentalidad Empresarial)

  • Understand the structure of our billable rates, so I can negotiate better with my clients

  • Understand how to estimate the Project Budget, including all additional expenses and team administrative time

  • Preguntar sobre cómo fue cotizado el proyecto donde estoy participando, para entender el margen y condiciones de trabajo

  • Proactively forecast my team’s work to ensure we are not over-worked, or over-committed

  • Proactively analyze the profitability of my accounts….during the project, not after project closing

  • Encontrar maneras diarias de trabajar más eficiente; ahorrar tiempo sin sacrificar calidad

  • Use time tracking to have more accurate reports on the profitability of my accounts

  • Analyze my own time investment, and evaluate how it impacts my productivity and my team’s profitability

  • Manage the scope of work I do, to avoid items out of scope from eating my days away!

  • Retarme a mí mismo, semanalmente, a encontrar nuevas y diferentes maneras de agregar valor al negocio, todas las semanas!

Accountability (Responsabilidad)

  • Que mi equipo sienta y sepa que puede contar conmigo, no excuses!

  • Find ways to evaluate the quality of my own work, and challenge myself to do better

  • Start meetings on time, and end meetings on time, to respect everyone’s time

  • Use other’s Outlook calendars to schedule meetings according to availability, to avoid conflicts (use Scheduling Assistant feature)

  • Keep my Outlook calendar updated so others can easily collaborate with me  and schedule meetings when I’m available

  • Do what I say I will do, without needing reminders

  • Aportar ideas de mejora para mi equipo y para la empresa

  • Find opportunities to apply our own Newlink methodologies and expertise to improve what we do every day

  • Always find time to complete my internal administrative tasks….assume it’s part of my work, not an addition to my work. Example: time submission, account management, team meetings, etc.

  • Resolver, sin esperar a que me resuelvan

  • Accountability is “ResponDability” = I will respond to my duties, to my work, to my clients, and go above and beyond

  • Garantizar que mi trabajo es de las más alta calidad, siempre!

  • Make myself available to help others, share with others, and find solutions with others

  • Come up with solutions myself instead of waiting for others to provide me with an answer

  • Look for answers, not excuses

  • Make time for learning…learn something every day, because I want to not because I have to

  • Having more innovative and unique programs, it’s up to me!

  • Aprovechar las oportunidades que tengo de agregarle valor a mis clientes, sin esperar a que alguien me lo pida

  • Make Newlink’s goals MY goals

Internal Partnerships (Alianzas Internas)

  • Ask the experts for input; even if informally. Example: If I need quick input or relevant experience for a proposal, I can send an email to all staff. A quick reply from someone in a different team might have a tremendous impact on the quality of work I offer to my clients

  • Collaborate with others to learn from others

  • Turn programs into a collaboration opportunity!

  • Challenge myself to introduce another Newlink team to at least one of my clients

  • Presentarme a una persona en la región que no conozca mensualmente

  • Motivar a mi equipo a que compartan mensualmente sobre algo nuevo que hemos aprendido

  • Share contacts, templates and tools

  • Find opportunities to present to others what my team does, what our expertise is, and what success stories we have

  • Retar el status quo para trabajar más frecuentemente con otros, aunque me saque de mi área de confort

  • Share what I do, so others can do it too

  • Challenge our status quo, even if it means getting out of our comfort zone

  • Find ways to create common goals with other teams, even if informally

  • Challenge myself to collaborate with one new person every month, even if it is an informal brainstorming during lunch

  • Hold others accountable for internal partnerships!





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